Have you heard of Skillshare?

A few weeks ago I discovered Skillshare, an online forum for learning about stuff….interior and web design, cooking, photography, sewing, logo design, just about anything. These online courses are reasonably priced and you can do them at your own pace, from anywhere you have access to the web….so you really have nothing to loose, just new skills and inspiration to gain!  I signed up for Justina Blakeney’s “Interior Styling” course for only $20!!!! It starts tomorrow….I’m really looking forward to the course material, the process of transforming a few nooks in my place and getting inspired by other learners’ projects.
Have a great Easter Monday!


Nursery Inspiration

My sister Sarena and brother-in-law Patrick will be welcoming their first child in May!  Besides being super excited to become an auntie, I have the honor of helping to decorate the nursery!  Well actually my sis pretty much gave me carte blanche on the room, with the exception of a few requests – nothing hanging above the crib, a soft wool area rug, short curtains or no curtains at all (long curtains being potentially unsafe for baby when he/she starts to crawl).

The room was already pained a great neutral color – Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  Since the sex of the baby will be a surprise, the neutral color will work well as a backdrop.  Sarena had purchased (long ago) a lovely set of bird-themed art prints which will act as the main inspiration for the room.  We will pull colors from the prints and inject texture and interest with soft fabrics and nature-inspired materials like wood and seagrass.

The room is small and cozy, a great size for a nursery.  There is just enough room for the crib (purchased at Ikea), a glider chair (purchased on Craigslist), side table (to come), a dresser-turned-change table (belonged to me, purchased at Value Village) and an area to store books and toys (a bookcase or wall storage unit – perhaps a palette DIY project!!!).  The dated closet doors will be removed and the interior of the closet painted out in Revere Pewter.

Over the next several weeks I hope to share some photos with you documenting the transformation.  Stay tuned!

Cozy Loft Bedroom


Here is a little peek into my bedroom space. I live in a cozy (i.e tiny!) loft of 550sf. My bedroom is open to the rest of the living space. Sometimes I wish I had a separate bedroom (for those lazy days when I just want to shut out the mess) but mainly I have come to embrace the set-up that I’ve created. To give a sense of separation I use my couch as a room divider – a pretty standard solution. How have you dealt with the bedroom-in-the-living room problem? I’d enjoy hearing from you. Cheers!